"I was initially so apprehensive about having counselling, having previously undergone the 12 sessions provided on the NHS a couple of years ago, which although it helped, I felt like there were many issues that I wanted to be able to explore further and things that I needed to understand better.

After life got in the way a bit and my anxiety levels crept back up again over months, I finally bit the bullet and began counselling with Isabel.

In the months that followed together we have worked through coping mechanisms to deal with my anxiety, but she has also allowed me to realise that some of my personal attributes which I believed to be flaws I wanted to change, were my strengths and I didn't need to change these parts of myself.

We also used this time to explore some 'traumas' from my childhood which have shaped a lot of my self beliefs using EMDR to frame them in a more neutral light so they didn't carry the same weight as they had done.

I found Isabel to be very approachable and understanding, and I know if and when things do get more difficult for me I can pick up the phone to arrange another appointment. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who is struggling."

testimonial by H.E.


"I am both grateful and impressed at the immense benefit I feel from your professional counselling support.


I can honestly say I feel I have “my life back”, and am ready to take full advantage of the many good thing’s life can offer whilst having the strength to deal with any negatives that come my way.


Seeking help is very difficult for most of us and having your “helping hand” to guide us down the right path has allowed me to find my true self again for which I am eternally grateful.


When others read these words, who may be struggling to cope on their own, I hope it gives them the confidence to put their faith in you as I have; start the journey knowing that they are not on their own and together with your support arrive at a point where they can really feel the benefit as I have.


Thank you once again."


testimonial by A.M.

"I think you very quickly saw some important factors in my mental health that made a big difference to me.


Your gentle approach helped me to feel relaxed and i was able to be open and honest about myself and with myself.

Overall a positive and liberating experience."


testimonial by D.F.

"I have worked with Isabel twice now over the past 3 years.

During that time she has provided me the space and support to explore anxieties, life changes as I approached retirement and also bereavement and loss.

Gently she has prompted me to unpick tangled thoughts and emotions and skilfully introduced ideas, techniques and tools to unstick me and to take forward with me.


Isabel always worked at my pace and was mindful and supportive of the emotions and feelings involved.

I have benefitted hugely from working with Isabel and have recommended her, with all her skills and expertise, to others."


testimonial by A.B.


"I came to Isabel feeling overwhelmed with social anxiety and a chronic lack of confidence.

Week by week, she gently guided me to find the root of these issues, and to understand that the coping mechanisms I'd previously used to keep me safe were now redundant.


She equipped me with the tools I needed to cope when triggered, and for that I am extremely grateful.


She has helped me to find my happy self again, I can't recommend her highly enough."

testimonial by G.T.

"I came to see Isabel for counselling as I had been experiencing difficulties with anxiety, especially within family relationships, and I wanted to gain some control and calm to my life again, and feel better about myself too.


Isabel was so welcoming and friendly right from the initial email contact, and so I found it easy to relax and talk with her about how I felt.


At each session, we discussed together how things had gone that week and what areas to focus on.


Working with Isabel gave me new ways to look at my anxiety, how it was affecting me, and how I interacted with members of my family.  


I always left the sessions feeling more positive and in control; my personal difficulties and how I could cope became clearer until we decided I did not need any further counselling.


I would not hesitate to recommend Isabel – I was actually quite sad I wouldn’t be seeing her each week! But I know I can contact her again in the future if I feel I need some help and support again."

testimonial by S.H.

"Isabel provides a neutral and peaceful environment, free of all distractions which makes me feel perfectly at ease. 

Isabel listens very carefully to everything I say and never interjects. She will wait until I have got to the end of what I am saying and then often asks me to elaborate on a certain point. 


By asking the right questions, she enables me to look deeper to find the root cause of my issues.  I have learnt a huge amount about who I am  and what is important to me during my sessions with Isabel and I wholeheartedly recommend her." 

testimonial by B.R.

"Thank you for all your help and support.

You have brought me back to myself and given me methods to cope when things become overwhelming.

I would highly recommend you."

testimonial by N.C.