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My background:

I am an experienced counsellor - I worked for several years in Primary Care (NHS) and charities.

I see people with various presentations: anxiety, stress, and low mood, related to challenges at work or at home. 


Reasons for having Counselling:

You might be struggling with your mood – stress, anxiety, fight and flight, overwhelmed.

You tend to focus on others, and their needs, to the detriment of your own - in your relationships and career.

Does this lead to confusion, anger, guilt and the need to withdraw?

It might feel like you’re in a vicious cycle.

There is a way out.

My approach:

A solution-focused approach, embedded in well-established therapies – CBT,  Psychodynamic theory and EMDR.

I encourage having clear goals and collaboration for better outcomes.

I specialised in brief work, focusing on a particular issue.

When to have therapy?

Asking for help can be daunting and you might question whether it’s worth the investment of your time and energy as you seem to be managing your everyday life.


Maybe, if you’re really honest with yourself, it feels like going through the motions and not living.

Imagine one day, looking back at your life – what would your Wise Self advise you to do now?

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