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Where to find me:

I’m based in Worcester. I also provide Zoom sessions.

What to expect when entering Counselling:

When distressed, we can lose the capacity to assess accurately our situation and have a sense of direction.


I will teach you simple tools to feel calmer and more grounded.


We will discuss your main goals and how to achieve them.


There is also the opportunity to look at your life journey and identify patterns that keep repeating but you do not know how to change them.


Challenge deep-seated beliefs that are blocking you from living a more satisfying and meaningful life.

Why work with me?

I have over 9 years of experience, which has taught me to quickly identify client's main issues and the right approach that can support their journey towards wellbeing. 

Part of my work is to empower clients by sharing the latest research, and tools for better self-care.


This includes the weekly emails 'Tuesday Wind Catcher' and 'Lazy Sunday Catcher'.

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