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Psychologically, we can interpret menopause, as being at a crossroads - past and future come to the foreground, like pieces of a puzzle that don't seem to fit together anymore.

"How did I live my life?"
"What do I want for my future?"

Forgotten parts of ourselves that gave way to being a partner, mother and having a career might come back to life, calling for self-reflection and even disruption. But there's always the pull towards safety and familiarity.

This internal turmoil can be expressed through excessive worry, anger, anxiety or low mood and the need to withdraw.

Old coping mechanisms for self-soothing - busyness, over-eating and drinking, start taking its toll on our bodies and minds. 
The question is "How do we want to navigate this transition?"

Do we want to play safe and allow what hasn't worked to weaken us even more?
Or, do we seek help and make this challenge the beginning of a new, more alive Self?


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